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I’m now confident I have a story that tells the tale I want it to

I’m a confident non-fiction writer, but this was my first foray into fiction and I felt like a complete novice. I’d worked with you before, so when my style editor suggested my novel needed ‘a light copy edit’, I knew exactly who to contact.

You went above and beyond expectations with your expert, insightful feedback – noting plot and continuity issues as well as improving the language. In short, you helped me rethink and tidy up my manuscript – a LOT.

I’m now confident that I have a readable, consistent story that tells the tale I want it to without tripping people up with my ‘sesquipedalian loquaciousness’ (love for using big words!)  My book is SO MUCH better for the work we did together – I’ve already recommended you to my author friends.”

V.E. Patton, author of ‘The Ochre Dragon: The Opal Dreaming Chronicles Book 1


My new book has firmly established me as an expert 

“I knew I needed to write a book, but all the information was stuck firmly in my head. I’d start writing and get caught up in dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s instead of letting it flow.

You took the ideas I’d recorded myself speaking, organized them into something logical, then wrote them all out clearly in non-technical language my readers would understand.

As a result, I’ve finally got my book out in the world where it can transform people’s lives and finances. I’ve launched a Kickstarter Campaign to get it published in print, and meanwhile, it’s firmly established me as an expert and authority in my space.

I’d recommend your ghostwriting and editing work without hesitation. You were professional, flexible with my timelines, and super easy to work with.  I loved working with you, and would do so again in a heartbeat.”

Debbie Sassen, author of The $1K Investor, DebbieSassen.com


Tanja delivers what she promises and more… 

“I needed help editing a complex technical report for a client. It’s often hard to find a copy-editor with good attention to detail — and who can follow the brief.

Tanja delivered.  Her editing was of a very high standard. She also gave professional advice for my client to help them improve their other writing.

Client feedback was excellent: Tanja’s work helped to cement my relationship with them, and has opened up chances to do further work for them.

Basically, Tanja delivers what she promises and more, on time, and she’s nice to work with. I couldn’t ask for more than that.” 

Matt Fenwick, Managing Director, True North Content


Tanja & Tamara made the process really easy for me

“I originally contacted Tamara & Tanja because I knew I needed a massive amount of help and accountability to rewrite my Lucky Bitch and Get Rich, Lucky Bitch books.  I knew that I’d struggle if I was left to my own devices.  Plus, I’d worked with editing teams before, so I knew the value of hiring professionals rather than trying to do it all myself.

Tamara & Tanja  were a huge help. They provided not just one, but two fresh pairs of eyes on my books, and they helped me to do a huge overhaul and update of the content.

Their attention to detail was excellent, and they just made the process really easy for me.  
Plus, I loved their collaborative approach. Three brains definitely work better than one, and I appreciated knowing that nothing would get missed, and we that could solve any structural problems together.

If you want your book finished beautifully, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Tamara & Tanja to get it that way.”

Denise DuffieldThomas, Money Mindset Mentor at https://denisedt.com/ 

I’d happily recommend Tanja & Tamara’s work

“I needed help to transform the key messages in my original “Remove Blocks & Build Your Business” manuscript into a publishable book.  I’ve long believed that editors are the “invisible heroes” of the book writing process, so I was never in any doubt about bringing someone in to assist me.  When I checked my network for referrals, Team Tamara and Tanja came highly recommended; and when I received the first sample edit back from them, I knew I was on the right track.

Now, at the end of the process, I’m happy to say that my first impression was borne out.  Tamara’s initial edit for structure gave me some excellent ideas on how to arrange all my existing content – as well as all-important feedback about what to expand on, and what to take out.  Then Tanja’s final edit and proofread transformed the resulting document into a print-ready book. 

Additionally, I was extremely impressed with how smoothly the three of us worked together as a team. From my perspective, we co-created a fantastic result, and I’d be happy to recommend Tanja and Tamara’s combined services to other first-time authors who want to ensure they publish the best possible book.”

Per Lillie, Pro Business Coaching

Tanja & Tamara took all the guesswork out of everything!

I realised fairly early on in my book-writing process that I was too close to the content to see the things that really needed improving.  I knew what I was writing about, so it all just made sense to me as I read back through it.  I knew I needed to get a second (and third!) pair of eyes to show me the issues I couldn’t see myself.

Tamara and Tanja worked really well together as an editing team: Tamara checked the overall flow and structure, while Tanja looked at the more detailed editing. Between the two of them, they did an awesome job of ensuring that it all made sense, and then added that extra polish that a finished, professional book needs.

What made their work so unique was that they did all this while respecting and even enhancing my authentic writing voice.  I’d had other people offer unsolicited editing feedback, but their changes made the writing sound NOTHING like me – so I really appreciated Tanja and Tamara’s approach.

Throughout the process, they were friendly, organised, and easy to work with.  They took all the guesswork out of everything, which made things so much easier for me.  I’d absolutely recommend their editing services to other authors who want to hand their publisher a professional, polished manuscript without having to stress out about how to get it that way!

Amanda Sterling,  The Humane Workplace

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